Happy Father’s Day!

by Amy Cubbison on June 18th, 2012

What a fabulous father’s day we all had……Woke up late (9) and felt fabulous. Slept twelve hours….I love my sleep..so rejuvenating…..I also love summer and no time constraints…..and as much as I miss kids sleeping in my bed, i sleep much better….I am also enjoying quiet time alone and being alone in my bed, which is some growth for me. I love to watch tivo shows, movies and read my self help books as well as juicy novels…….I am excited it is summer so I can really enjoy my children all day, and then have some Mommy breaks…….Yesterday I had a barbyque for all of my family out here and then some. It was really pleasant. I used grill for first time in my life….So much easier than I thought. I am always or often afraid of what I do not know how to do until I do it…..The other day I went hiking with my friend in this huge canyon. It was steep and long. I started to get nervous of rattle snakes etc. but I talked my mind down, and actually it was exhilarating. I want to hike many more places….anyways during the luncheon we sat outside an listened to music, ate good food and good company. William was there so that was a special day, because he was here!!! He said if I build a ramp for skating he will stay with me…yay!!! It is nice to see him interact with his cousins….Wills has to get knee surgery for he tore a ligament. He is bummed at the parties he is going to miss ha ha…..The apple doesn’t fall from the tree….:) BTW Wills and I went out for sushi the other night and had a blast….HE is still the amazing person I always knew and missed. WE have the same sense of humor and are people, people….WiIliam said he loves characters and I agreed. ….The other day Kaylee and Jac wanted to go to Chucky Cheese……well I had Neil look up directions to Vista..anyways you know me, I went the wrong way on 78, ended up in Escondido…Well lets just say we took a tour of Escondido and then some…….So finally after a very long, afternoon drive (which I told my kids was relaxing and fun in the olden days on SUndays) we found it! IT was worth it. THe kids and I had a blast…I even played a bunch of games with them. Kaylee said on the way home that she was going to sleep so she only had good memories of the day…..ha ha…..Off to see my tax guy for my late tax stuff………More mundane things in life, I do not look forward to but I will feel better after…Then haute yoga, and joining a gym with Wills, and then, Pool, beach, or painting studio with my babies…

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