by Amy Cubbison on June 29th, 2012

It has been a great summer with my children…..I love it! I love no schedule and just going with the flow and being in the moment…..Of course some morning they complain of bordom five minutes after they open their eyes…..We had a great last week. We went to the water park, to Chucky Cheese, to La Costa Resort, beach, friends pools and ours…..We have been staying in our bathing suits for a couple days, getting icecream from the ice cream man..run around barefoot, paint, play games etc. THe other day Kaylee’s friend Marina created a way to make purses out of duck tape. I asked her how she thought of that and she said,’I was bored.” Aha..There within lies the key to and how important it is to not schedule our children every minute of the day. Yesterday Jac had me pull out his old train and they put it together. I got out the tennis rackets and we hit the tennis ball against the garage door, which I use to do as a child back east. It is stirring up a lot of nice memories for me. Anyways I am cherishing every minute. William and I are close again so that loss that I felt is healed. Thank God..That hurt…..Yesterday Kaylee and Jac wanted me to show them my website. IT was really cute. THey were proud. Jac got some of the tshirt jokes while they ran over Kaylee’s head. Jac kept on giving me business suggestions that were good ideas. They both gave me tshirt ideas and Kaylees is really funny. She want to be the model and help design it……It was such a nice moment in time hanging out with my kids and their interest in LeaveMeB I was laughing really loud and Jac said to me,”Your laugh is delightful.’ I thought that was so cute…….also Kaylee saw a photo of Jean and I when I was eight. She said,’YOu look exactly like me, that is great then I will look like you when I grow up and be beautiful.’ That warmed my heart especially with kids they compliments are few and far between………..WE are going to plan some summer trips, La, San francisco, maybe SLO…….Two of my friends have recently lost their step brothers and it is tragic…..Makes me think about a lot of things and again how precious and fragile life it. I just put an Add in US magazine as I use to, which I am really excited about. I hope I have the success I use to…….It got me really excited about my business and makes me want to really give it a go again ….this time on a budget but wiser and smarter from past mistakes…….Andy Lou’s friend is helping me downscale and do a lot of things that will increase traffic, and profit, and make it simpler……..Tonight going to KC and sunshine band with Lou and ANdy, for LOu’s bday. TOmorrow night Melanie and I are going to see Train. I love music . It fills my soul and takes me away…..and sometimes that is a fun place to be…
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