Happy Fourth!!

by Amy Cubbison on July 4th, 2012

GOsh another year has passed and another fourth of july….I always love when movies show the fourth of july. I love hearing the fireworks, and the children’s laughter….I hope I can stay awake for them tonight..:) We are doing our annual fourth of july neighborhood bike parade and party. It is really cute and fun for everyone. No chile competition this year but an appetizer one……Not sure what I am going to make but my brain is contemplating and creating………So enjoying the summer with my children…although some days are a bit tough. Jac and kaylee have found out the new art of sibling fighting….”Mommy jac hit me, or vica versa.” They are perfecting it….Also they get bored after ten minutes of non entertainment…..I just have to realize they are allowed to say that and feel that, and that can stimulate creativity and that being bored is not the end all….I do not have to fix it…….I also am realizing how much further I need to go to get the kids independent. I ask them to get something for me and Kaylee replies,’ No thank you.’ OR Jac hems and haws at the huge job or task at hand…… The other day I was picking up blankets that Kaylee and her friends left on my floor. Earlier I had asked Kaylee to clean her room. When she saw me with the blankets she said,’ Oh thank you MOmmy, let me know when you are almost finished cleaning and I will help you finish>” Ha ha. Can you believe her??? Where in the world does she get that?? …..Jac and Kaylee have been sewing in fact Jac and Kaylee made a couple tops. Jac sewed and designed one for Kaylee that she wore yesterday. It is really cute…..We also had a picnic with friends and they were making rugs with the hand tool. It brought back so many memories of doing that and many arts and crafts as a child. It took me a while to remember how to do it, but it came back……We are going to get some ones to make pillows with ………I also got some fun board games to play this summer…………My new mottos free and creative fun!!!………..I read an article on parenting yesterday and one of the things it said is there is a fine line in between raising a self confident kid and an entitled kid….NOt fake elevated self esteem…….It mentioned paying to much attention and commenting them on the sport they play. I immediately thought of Jac and Soccer…..So yesterday I tried to fix it by saying to Jac, “I love how much you love soccer and how good you are, but if you ever choose to not play, that would be fine, and I’d love you the same if you were a chimney sweep.” He replied<"What in the world is a chimney sweep? ha ha...

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