Good Morning.

by Amy Cubbison on September 16th, 2012

Good Morning………Ouch my booty hurts!! Those damn, but wonderful, and beneficial lunges…and lunges with weights. I am really seeing a difference in my body being dedicated to weights and cardio again. I feel much better emotionally and I am rediscovering lost muscle, from my muscle memory..What a difference…:). …Yesterday was a long but nice day……Kaylee and I slept in and missed her seven a.m. cheer call……IT was over one hundred degrees anyways, and we had to be at Jac’s soccer as well…..So back on track with cheer next week. Kaylee’s coach found her a bow…yay, yay, or should I say huray!!!! or however you spell that…..Jac played brilliant at his soccer game. His Dad is out of town doing a job in Alaska so I was Soccer mom. I sat on the wrong side or should i say right side 🙂 with two of his coaches….Well let me tell you I got in to it like I never have…soccer that is……I love it! It was awesome because I got to hear the coaches play by play, and I learned so much. Then you know me, I had tons of questions swirling around in my head…His coach answered all of my questions, and It was really fun…..Jac scored a goal…….Felt sorry for the boys out there as it was 110…….THey tied…….My brother David is in town.. So that will be nice to see him……I forgive him for his faux paus at Peter’s wedding….EVeryone in my family seems to be doing well…..Having Kaylee and Jac full time again is wonderful but also tiring…They are two lil peas in a pod for the most part but they throw requests at me all day, and sometimes fight and argue..and God forbid if they are watching the hypnotizing tv……nobody can hear me..I was out of town in la last week, and Neil was so they had a new wonderful babysitter….They both worked her to stay home sick…..hmmm. Let’s just say NOt cheap……This morning Jac was doing this lil piggy on Kaylee and I …He said,’This lil piggy went to Wallmart, This lil piggy went to TJ max, This lil piggy, went to Target……ha ha. What is really funny and ironic is that William did that to me years ago when he was little except he said , NOrdstroms, NEiman Marcus, Etc. etc………Change of the times……
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