by Amy Cubbison on September 6th, 2012

Okay I will try one more time to blog..maybe it is a sign that it keeps getting wiped out. Anyways that is why I have stayed on facebook for twenty four hours….I will tell you one thing that I really miss from facebook as well as some people in my life-the Birthday reminders!! I have been remiss in wishing some wonderful people in my life a happy birthday…….Speaking of birthdays…..My son turns fourteen wednesday. I am not allowed to write about him so I wont tell you today we are having a little family pool gathering for him . 🙂 Kaylee , Marina and I are making a cake for him. I love you WIlliam!!!………Got through another week of Kaylee’s cheer. Believe it or not, I am really enjoying it. It makes me feel more structured, and closer to Kaylee. INfact the other day I was what I always comment on being a stage mom. We had an early game and all of the girls were hot and tired. THe girls were not at their optimum. SO i found myself standing up motioning for kaylee to smile, bounce, and do gymnastics! I laughed at myself again.which I am very good at………FEeling good this week, and have a lot of things to look forward to…….I love fall, and there is a hint of it in the air. TIme for boots and skirts, cooking a lot of soups, and cozy dishes, and sharing some nice holidays………….
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