by Amy Cubbison on September 28th, 2012

Riviera Party

Yesterday was a day where my long two weeks caught up with me. I was dragging. I also had some bad dreams the previous night and did not sleep to well. I had to force myself to go to the gym, and i did. yaya!! I always feel so much better when I go daily…..Yes my booty is still sore but that means it is lifting and rounding. ha ha……I was not feeling so good, so I skipped the volunteering…and instead got a massage…..I traded clothes for it…I went shopping in my closet……..Well lets just say it was not the best massage, as my masseuse/friend had a terrible hangover…..She was thirsty, then dizzy, then yawning, the laying down……but I got to visit with her, she did work on my neck and lower back so it feels better today though. 🙂 She is a riot I love her lease on life……..Then we picked Neil up from the airport after school…….The kids were so happy to see him, and I was so happy to get a break. 🙂 :)…….He had a great successful trip and a lot of fun as well. I am happy for him……..Then i had to get myself ready for the monthly Riviera party. I love these parties, and hate to miss them..Comped food, drinks, entertainment and great people watching…Beautiful tall,thin young woman….Most people are on dates…I brought Charlene and we ate and drank our way around every table. The food was delicious. It was like Taste of Del Mar ….and we also made new friends!!!! IT was at the Hanger for Private Jets at Palomar…….I wore my twenty dollar pencil metallic gold jeans from Target and they were a hit….It was good fun………So today I am going to do the soup kitchen at the church. Then later I am taking Sandra to the Elks club dance so she can meet someone there. I have grown to love those guys and the people that are members……..They are good to me……….I am not sure if I wrote about my experience there wednesday when I had to chop and help cook in the kitchen for sixty Rotary Club Members……then clean up……..ha ha . I am learning how industrial kitchens run….however it is an experience and hopefully not a future of mine…..I said to the guy I am not really great at cleaning and He said,” We noticed, but we love you.” ha ha…..They told me I would never have to clean a greasy grill again .The old Coronal came in and I hid……:)

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