by Amy Cubbison on September 29th, 2012

OM gosh………. This service thing, is getting funnier and funnier…..I actually really like all the members of the Elk Club. They are great guys..I am learning a lot about philanthropic service as well as about the Elk’s club. There is always something to learn about good or bad experiences…I was going to take my roomate Sandra to the Elk dance. There are a lot of fun, eligible older bachelors for her. I would love her to find a partner…. We did not go because I got some sort of bad news, and I was not in the mood……So had to call in the girlfriend committee to comfort me at El Calejon…..Love my girlfriends…..Except next time don’t make them so young, thin and beautiful ha ha. Just kidding. They were Tracy’s NOrdstrom friends…..I actually feel good about my self, and my age and my life, and the way I look,and feel……..The one guy Bill at the Elks lodge, calls me knucklehead…..a term of endearment that my gymnastic coach use to call me…..Mr Ford…Loved him……He also use to call me lil pollack…..ha ha . How non politically correct……and p.s. Not polish, just Russian….ha ha. I think back to the days where anyone could say anything and not get in trouble…I mean almost every cop that ever pulled me over, hit on me, in my life…..but it did help me get out of some tickets…..yay, and I don’t need to remind you , there were a lot……..I told my friends yesterday that i want to do a Geico commercial for them . I love them so much and they have stuck with me without huge increases.:)………So yesterday I volunteered at a church, to feed the homeless……It was quite sad. I had a hard time looking in the eyes of everyone because I felt like I might cry…That was until some of them started ordering me around….”I want juice, soup, more, water.” ha h> YOu would of thought they payed fifty bucks for their meal…….I was not the best waitress either, as you can imagine…but hey I was free……..I am learning a lot how a kitchen works these days- a commercial one……After the soup kitchen, I went back to the Elk’s Lodge and Bill told me in a very nice way that Harry, the janitor, said I am not good at cleaning, and he had to redo everything…..Uh . shocker….Oh well at least I know what I am good at and what I am not…..Bill also told me to not dress like I was to feed he homeless or I would get a few cat calls and dates…..I said,”Oh well, it wouldn’t be much different than the guys I use to go out with…ha ha

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