Sleepy time

by Amy Cubbison on September 26th, 2012


Wow, super tired but wanted to blog, since it has been a while…….My children are all talking at the same time right now, and I have to admit I am done…I am so tired of everyone needing something and asking…..Again I love my children. I love being a mom but to be a single mom for two and a half weeks with no help is hard….I also have to do community service this week which has been a funny and tough experience. I went to the Elks lodge, and I heard about it through a friend. I thought it was mainly a vet meeting place for vets to mingle and drink…however it is much more than that. It was established in the 1900’s for english people who were in new york over to do theater. They needed a place to go. Then it turned in to a vet club, a few years later. Roosevelt was one of the members in 1930,,anyways it has been a long going club and a very philanthropic group. Bill told me today from there, that they are the second largest group to give donations to charitable causes in the united states… the comical side is yesterday, I went there hoping to get off scott free, and have the vets let me slide cuz i am cute. :)……Well it started off great. I met nice men and boys and they were awesome. I did have to clean the chile dishes in the kitchen from the night before, in an industrial kitchen. I felt like an alien in a foreign place????? The equipment and the large machines was intimidating to me..However I managed through. They were super chill and told me stories and to take as many breaks as I wanted…..Then old man retired marine came in. He was in his eighties and Wow, he started ordering me around like there was nobody’s business. He kept on telling me he could tell I had a privi life and needed toughing up…..well He had me mop the hallway with a thirty pound mop that was so heavy and exhausting…..I felt compassion to Stanley from Beaumont elementry, our janitor, that I adored…….anyways what hard work, for me…then the sargeant assigned me the grill to and underneath………..Yuck. It had greased three inches high……..I got gloves on , got on my hands and knees and scrubbed and gagged, and scrubbed an gagged…….It was probably on of the hardest and worst experiences of my life. I was covered in grease from head to toe…So much my kids were embarrassed and so upset I went in to the bank like that………..I have to learn to not take what people say or ,,,,,,,,Tonight the kids and myself went to calypso for dinner when Kaylle cheered. Love that place…..anyways Will and I had a nice time…..Super tired, lets chat tomorrow. xo

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