Thunder storms……

by Amy Cubbison on September 10th, 2012

Warm Thunder Storms

It has been very humid and warm here, especially for september. ON some mornings there is a hint of fall, however we have been on a heat wave. I do not like humid heat. It makes me lazy, and lethargic…..So I was complaining yesterday in the hot sun, at Kaylee’s cheer pictures, and Jac’s soccer game…….At Jac’s game, I cozied up to some strangers, and sat under their umbrella. It was funny. Meeting a lot of new people through cheer, and soccer…..Kaylee lost her hair tie for cheer. I guess that does not happen much, and it is like a cardinal sin….Luckily I found a place to order some extras…:) Cheer is teaching me a lot and although a tight schedule is challenging, it is good for me and the kids routines……Going to la for work for a couple of days…..Found a new roommate, who is my age, and has a son. She seems very cool, healthy, with similar interests……So time for change, which always adds a spice of life….It is odd being on face book again. It is temporary and attribute to the Lay’s Potato Chip Competition..which I hope we win btw…..I could do a lot and a lot of good with a million dollars.:). The kids are sick of it, and I keep submitting more ideas. I will probably be disqualified……..ha ha. Would not be the first time in my life, I am fired or disqualified……I had a terrible dream last night (again)…..I was hugely fat and my arms were the size of someone’s big thigh…Not only that they were flapping in the wind……then my brother David was mean to me and ignored me. Let me tell you, I was happy to wake up from that one………..Last night I watched sixty minutes about the guy who killed Osama.It was very interesting……I am feeling like I am getting back in touch with the outside world again via the tv, I watch when I do cardio at the gym. I flip from new, cnn, cooking to talk shows……It is ironic how certain people in my life, I am so connected with. Where we often think the same things…..This morning I was listening to calming music and doing my meditation…I was picturing to myself that I was opening my heart and body to the sun, as leaves on trees do, or plants. I got that idea from the movie,
Odd Life OF Timothy Green….Just as I did that Kaylee said,”THis music would be great in the movie Timothy Green.” She is such an old, smart soul……To bad I embarrass he so…Today she had to carry her brother’s back pack in school and she was devastated……I met with a friend of Hadley’s who is going to do my web site and optimization today for LeaveMeB She is awesome. She showed me how all of these years I could have been doing a lot of stuff, instead of paying someone to do it for me..ugh….!…..I have to do some community service in the next few weeks……I am volunteering at the Elk Lodge where they have meals, bingo, and a bar for Vietnam Vets from the war….ha ha. I will waitress, bartend and cashier…ha ha. My friends are all dying to watch me……I am sure I will have some good stories……to tell……One thing for sure is if someone picks me up, I will have no problem saying no…….I am sure.:)

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