by Amy Cubbison on October 6th, 2012

Blogging again.
Yesterday I had so many words to say and to write that today I am feeling a lil tired of talking and communicating ..however I did want to write about a few things….I know what i am about to say may sound like PSD.and it may be,,,,but I think I saw bailey our dog again. I was at BestaWan, and this scruffy, long tailed, skinny Mutt (term of endearment) dog, kept on looking at me, wagging his tail and running to come see me. I felt like we were two long lost lovers..ha ha….He ran to me four times and then the owner, grabbed him and said,”come on Barley!” .Isn’t that odd that his name was so close as well…….I almost said something but then I was like at least he is alive and well, and has a happy home…….I do crave a puppy, a tame, calm one that is trained but not sure because I am busy this time in my life………Good news….My father is doing better. They altered his medicine, and he is much more coherent. For a while there he was not even following me or anyone who talked to him. It was scary…….We have to be careful to avoid seizures…….. The other day I was in marshalls, buying running shoes……I was enamored by all of the beautiful things and my eyes, struck these four tops hanging on what I thought was a clothing rack…….Well not quicker did I look up and this woman , with a very serious look, said to me, “Those are mine!!” I then looked and what I thought was a rack was a baby stroller……ha ha. Oopsy…But what was funniest is i think she actually thought I was stealing her clothes…….Today I had lunch with Jean, my longest friend ever. She lives in SLO. It was so great to see her….we are like sisters. We always laugh about our childhood experiences. We went to Rimel’s in Carmel Valley. The manager came up to us and I told him that Jean and I did all of the firsts together..smoking, drinking, shaving legs, kissing boys….etc. 🙂 , I thought it was on Squam lake in New Hampshire, where we use to stay on the lake at her grandparents house..We met these two guys Kevin, and Rick..and we played spin the bottle with them, and I got the cute one and that was all she wrote…ha ha. She then confessed to me, that at my parents party, she kissed one hot guy who use to work for my Dad….ha ha. We were both flirting with him. Jean and myself put notes on our shirts asking “Tips please?” at my parents private party. My mother nixed that. We thought we were helping. . Then after chatting with jean about our childhood……I then, I remembered my first French kiss experience was actually during spin the bottle when I was thirteen, and I kissed Mac Gordan with braces……who tried to engulf me! It was terrible!!! He practically choked me with his tongue……ha funny memories……Nothing like friends you have known most of your life……I am feeling very blessed lately i a lot of ways…….and I enjoy all the people in my life, and all of the people that i see along my day…..I do believe most people are innately good, and nice with good hearts.

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