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by Amy Cubbison on October 6th, 2012

WOw blogging twice in one day……I am in a talkative mood (again) but a great one at that…..It is funny, as I approached my day and remembered I was prepping and feeding the Homeless. Just as many of my days start when I have work involved.:) I sort of dread it..I am somewhat lazy but I force myself to do things and then I love the experience. I love to lay in bed, read, write and watch movies……but i would not enjoy it if that was all I did. :)..I just need to remember that I need to not try and think to much about what I have to do in my day, and just do it, as Nike say’s….I mean most mornings I do not feel like going to the gym but I do it because I feel great after. SOmething good for me, that is accomplished, ready for anything then……I am such a people person, that I just love connecting with people. I really enjoyed doing the soup kitchen. This is my second time and I am going to do it every Friday. I forgot how much service work, makes me feel so good. I love to feel that I am contributing. Not to mention it is very humbling, and I am grateful to not be in their shoes…..The man I do it with is very interesting. I met him at the Elk’s lodge..He is a war veteran with an amazing story. He is a philanthropic man and he has written books on it. I love to hear people’s stories. He has some sadness in his eyes as he lost a son eight years ago but luckily he has three more. 🙂 . Tim and Bill fight over me helping, and I keep saying,”If I am such a bad cleaner why do you guys want me? ” My friends are getting a big kick out of my Elk Lodge experience. Much better than the one horrible day I picked up trash…That story is funny but another day. Anyways I am getting us to being in a commercial kitchen. I am enjoying chopping, dicing, and preparing food..Another learning experience. I also reminded myself of how I do not like to do the dishes or clean. Some moments in the kitchen are Lucy moments with me. I laugh at myself……The kids are bugging me to go to the pumpkin patch so I will have to finish tomorrow….but one thought…This week I was over Lou’s and he was shining his shoes. It brought me back so many memories of being a little girl and watching my Daddy do it nightly…I did not think anyone did it anymore. I was smelling the polish to bring me back even further to those days…..Made me love my Dad even more….if that is possible……Today Jac got a yo yo, and asked me if I could do it, and i said,’Oh yea,’ Well after a minute of trying I was like “Oh No” forgot how to use that lil sucker. ha ha
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