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by Amy Cubbison on October 5th, 2012

aying in my bed feeling grateful that I don’t have to rush to get the kids out the door…Going to drink my coffee outside, and enjoy the coolness, of the morning…Then to gym, and then to the church to feed the homeless…..I really miss doing charity work……So many experiences that I dread or do not look forward to, turn out to be life changing in a some way. Neil caught a bunch of salmon in Alaska. Last night he brought it over and I cooked for all of us….The kids were so happy. Kaylee kept on saying we have not done this in a while..It was really nice. I made some plain and some with capers, tomatoes, and lemons. I also chopped and sauteed cauliflower with olive oil, salt and asiago…It was great….We will always be a family and I think having a friendship, and doing things as a family is crucial.You cant create children and spend half of your life with someone and not care about them anymore. I am happy Neil has a lot of work coming up……….Speaking of work, I am happily working on with Sazzy Varga. She is a marketing genious and working with me to simplify, change, market and make LeaveMeB more profitable..I have a fire back that I have not had in a long while in regards to working. I am not giving up on my site and will give it all before I do…..I would love to sell it someday……I am also continuing to do community service for the Elk’s lodge,,What an experience. I love those guys….They told me I am fired from cleaning as I am not good…but we are finding other things I am good at….I am going to fix up their Facebook. I am going to bring my Dad to one of the six dollar Pot roasts so he can see, hear and meet some WW2 vets………..Yesterday Kaylee did not want to go to school (shocker?) ha and she said,’ My life is terrible, because I do not like school as there are So many things I would rather be doing.’ ha ha. I just said,”I remember that feeling”. This weekend my longest childhood friend Jean, friends in Pa, from One year old, is visiting. I can’t wait to see her!! Jac came with me to Kaylee’s cheer last night. They were practicing their competitive routine. It is really good…Kaylee was so cute looking over at Jac, and Jac had a huge smile on his face…….I love the way they love one another….I hate the way they fight when they do…luckily they fight much less than they love……..and one thing about William I have to share…I found out he helps kids at his school with reading, just to do it.I was very proud………Neil is away next week, so I am in Mommy mode full force again…….Makes the breaks seem so special….I also am liking only having wine on the weekends, for the most part….I feel healthier and I look forward to it……
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