by Amy Cubbison on October 11th, 2012

Thunder storms and rainbows………..

I was just talking to one of my friends about how much I love thunder storms……especially when I can stay home, be cozy and make soup……This morning the kids saw a beautiful rainbow….William told me that when he was younger one his goals was to find the end of a rainbow so he could live off of the pot of gold. I Love when my children tell me stories about their childhood. . William and I had an argument last night, and some hurtful things were said…:(. I feel bad. I love him so much……Well all is good here, except i made some mistakes with my checking account, which stresses me out. I hate when I think that a check cleared or three (?) when I already thought it had cleared…ugh. There should be a statue of limitations…..I hate worrying about bills and money but this is how many people live..I liked it better the other way. :)…….Yesterday Kaylee pulled out a not so great test score, and she said to me,’I guess this will not be going on the fridge.” Ha ha…She is fact all of our children are hilarious,,,,,Today Jac is home with terrible allergies/cold. I am having them as well…So we are hanging out watching tv in bed……I am going to take a hot epson salt bath. Went on a long hike yesterday and my muscles are a tad sore….Then I am going to make myself continue to clean out my closets, which I need to do desperately. I always feel so good when I do that…..I also always feel gluteny (if that is a word-I like it though)….SO right now I am anticipating getting up and doing those things but for now I am procrastinating…..I may even make some soup…….I heard thunder again….TOday is one of my good friends bday. There are a lot of bdays this month…..We are going to have dinner with Lisa Pidgeon and her children…happy Bday Lisa……Last night we had a third celebration of Jac’s. I made gourmet burgers….Jac begs me to not cook gourmet…..So everyone could add the gourmet if they wanted. I had sauteed mushrooms, blue cheese, arugula, and aoli sauce……yum…… I brought gluten free cupcakes to Jac’s class for his bday. I could of sworn the class had 26, but there were 32…..So i had to disappoint them and leave……Returning tomorrow with 35 just in case…..They were traumatized….ha ha. …Oops I foiled again……silly Mommy…….Neil is away again and I am enjoying the kids but feeling slightly overwhelmed again….Kaylee brought a pumpkin to school that weighed more than she does. She carried it up the stairs .It was so cute watching her with that, her backpack and umbrella….i was in my pj’s dropping her off so I could not get out of car…Plus I melt in the rain. :)…..She decorated her pumpkin so cute with yarn for the hair. Kaylee also wrote a story about her pumpkin that was all about candy. The entire story was how Jackie, her pumpkin, went to this house and got reeses pieces, and hershey bars, then on and on to ten houses describing the specific candy…She loves candy and I love her……..xo……Did my hours at the Elk’s lodge this week…..I cleaned and tended bar a bit……I liked it as I have never done that, and I got to watch tv during…The view, and Kelly n whomever, is her partner now??
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