Tis the season for birthdays!!!

by Amy Cubbison on November 12th, 2012

Tis the Season
I can’t say this enough…..or maybe I can but…..I a gonna say it again-I love this time of year!!!! THe weather is so beautiful to me. There is such a crispness in the air and I love the smell and breeze………….So I have not blogged in a while due to some personal things and drama…….Yes I like a lil drama and I am responsible for creating some of it. I do not like drama that is hurtful, serious or unnecessary. One of my friends has been in the doldrums. So I have been there for him. ……but lets get to the good stuff- Melanie had a small party for my bday at my house. It was nice to have some of my friends around that I rarely get to see. I made my chicken tortilla soup, that was a hit. I also bought this vintage black dress for twenty bucks at flashbacks. It is from the seventies…..Everyone loved it. It made me feel good. Melanie did my makeup and I got my hair cut so I felt pretty good about myself………Yesterday Kaylee and I spent the entire day in bed, watching movies…..I was trying to get her to watch some old movies from my childhood like ,”meatballs.” That brought up a lot of memories when I was looking through the titles…..Also the “Bad News Bears.” I am going to make Kaylee and Jac watch a few movies that I loved as a kid…….It is amazing how movies, tv, and products/advertising influence our childhoods……Anyways it was fun to stay in bed all day and eat my leftover tortilla soup. I enjoy Kaylee’s company very much. WE laugh a lot. I caught her throwing some trash behind the bed and she tried to say she dropped it by accident. I told her parents always know when kids are fibbing. :)………The woman I rent a room to cleaned up the bday mess for my birthday……..but she is not to happy about me having William and six of his friends sleepover. Last night I was a short order cook, making quesadillas one by one for William and about eight friends n girls. It actually was fun. They are cute.They call me Mama Cub….gotta take them for breakfast burritos now………
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