Home for The HOlidays….again……

by Amy Cubbison on December 30th, 2012

Home for the holidays………we did not end up going to big bear, or I should say we are postponing it….Due to my father’s ailing health…It is difficult for me not to see him and not cry… I just keep telling him I love him, and he is the best. Then I look at our wonderful family and I tell him he had a huge part in all of the success stories. He, my Mom, and Old Spice…ha ha……….As I have said it has been a bitter sweet Christmas. I am still having some sadness with a friendship ending, and that will take some time……Yesterday kaylee and I spent the day doing what I use to always do-going to Nordstroms, and going to lunch….excep this time the money was spent on Kaylee…….Kaylee said, ‘ I feel sorry for any girl that does not get to go to Nordstroms!” Ha ha……It was like over stimulation for me being in there. A lot of wants, and tons of people I knew. Two of my besties work there. My friend Gabby, did my make up while Kaylee got her nails done. Everyone was telling me how beautiful I looked and my eyes popped. Gabby did a fantastic job…..I am going to say that I have been getting tons of compliments on my skin lately. It feels really good. I have been drinking wheat grass, trying to eat healthier when I eat. 🙁 and I truly think that peel worked wonders on my face. I also bought these face cleansing pads………..but I even notice it myself…….So that always feels good, as is something that I have not always taken the best care of aka: seventies, baby oil, and foil…..ha ha. The dermo also froze a bunch of things off my skin, which I did not know was possible. Upkeep!! important but not the most important!! I have been working on that as well, and staying up on current topics. I infact have been holding several interesting conversations about the world. I feel like Educating Amy…….The beginning of the year, I have several new Years resolutions. I really want 2013 to be a great year. It was looking like it last week then I was thrown yet another curve ball……On New Years Kaylee and I are going to finish our dream board and write our specific goals down..Kaylee and I have almost finished our mural/painting/collage……It is with inspiring words, poetry and beauty. It has been great quality time. I really have been enjoying my time with my kids lately. I mean after a full day of Mommy, Mommy-i get a lil drained but who does not??? Wills is here with his entourage again………So I will hear it tomorrow…….Last night my mother had a nice cocktail party for my nephew Josh lasensky’s engagement. It was very nice as all of my mother/father’ parties are. That is where I got my gift of entertaining. Peter and I were arguing and getting on one another nerves. He is soooooo anal and to me wastes to much time on every little detail. His complaint is probably that i dont pay to much attention to details on things that do not matter to me. To me it would be exhausting to watch the world around me and correct everyone’s behavior……..I miss my pup, and when I do not have the children I get lonely at night. Sometimes I like it but not for long…………Last night I had on a turtle neck and pants and my mother could not compliment me enough. She was so happy for once I get my :girls” covered up..Meanwhile she had hers out. ha ha. It looked like we changed clothes……..Well it is five in the morning, and I need to go back to sleep……….Goodnight, goodluck and Happy New Year to everyone!! Let us all pray and put positive thoughts out there, while taking action, for a better 2013!

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