by Amy Cubbison on December 11th, 2012

Today was a really fun day including another mammogram and ultra sound….which btw i found out is the same as a sonogram……although I liked them much more when I saw a new babies heart beating. :),,,,,,So my pup is filling some of my need to love on a baby again…….She is so attached to me. She goes with me everywhere. She lets me hold her like a baby… arms hurt sometimes because she always wants to be held. I like it but sometimes it is tiring……be careful what you wish for…:) I wish for a million dollars…ha ha……anyways I had lunch with my brother today…..He was telling me how bad my father is doing….Today I called my mother, and I wanted to talk to my dad. She said he did not even know who I was at this time.:(…….A long sad, process but he has not much quality of life….Today I heard him shouting in the background, while I was talking on the phone to my mother.”yea!” “Alright.” ….Breaks my heart. The cycle of life….William was telling me the other day what a legend my father is and an inspiration to him…It was really nice to hear…William and I have been having some great conversation lately. I am proud of him…..Wanted to blog more but friends just came so Manana.

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