Need sleep!!!!!!!

by Amy Cubbison on December 3rd, 2012

I need sleep!! Last night I slept over my dear friend Hadley’s house…..great dinner, great convo, great support, great laughs, great movie….:),,,,,,not so great sleep….Hadley has two cats and I was fine until she covered my @## when I was sleeping with her cat’s blanket. ?? I woke up and was sneezing, wheezing and itching for two hours. Then I went upstairs to get in bed with Hadley . I fell back asleep but woke up from one of the worst nightmares I have ever had. I don’t even want to go in to details but it was horrible. I woke up crying and in a sweat……anyways so I am so looking forward to some good keppy tonight.;)……..this morning I was praying and I realized every time I lay in bed and pray, I remember being about tenish, and laying in my canape bed, praying there and truly acknowledging in my soul there was a God…..It was a nice realization as many are……I have a lot on my plate right now. 🙁 I worry about my son being a teenager and hope and pray he makes good decisions when I am not around…..My Daddy is continuing to go down hill..:(,,,,,,,,,,,Some other things I dont want to talk about and…………I went back to the breast cancer surgeon and she wants me to get my lump out as it has doubled in size….Then she found a new one that she biopsied……It is difficult especially because it is Christmas time………..So prayers will be appreciated……..Tonight was a nice mellow night. Maica’s girls came over for icecream and candy canes. Kaylee and I added more lights to the tree and more ornaments. I enjoyed looking at the ornaments, that brought back memories…………..I forgot to mention a sort of Seinfeld funny moment last week. I was in Marshalls just looking as I did not have my wallet with me……Not a good idea, as it was a lil torturous. I was standing in front of this rack and I saw this really cute, cream sweater. I had just focused my eyes on it when a mother and daughter on the other side, reached out from under there rack, to the sweater right in front of me, and grabbed it. It was so non etiquette in shopping rules. I did not say a thing or really care, as I had not money……but it shows how ruthless some woman can get when they see something they want……….yesterday the kids and I went to visit my parents in la jolla. Peter and Mar, with the new baby came. My Dad was sort of out of it but he kissed my hand a few times as well as kissed the baby. My brother captured that Kodak moment, which is a adorable………… I am going to the dermatologist tomorrow to get skin cancer checks and possible peels…….So hopefully that goes well………I am meeting with the people interested in my business again. We shall see…….I was thinking I really want to try and be a counselor at OHS. I have the degree and I do not care how much money I make as long as I can help and make people’s lives better……………I went to the gas station I normally go to today, and the auto glass guy came up to me and said,’Thank you for being the sweetest, and most adorable customer. ” It was nice to hear…….

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