Saturday Morn

by Amy Cubbison on December 15th, 2012

Saturday Morning with a House Full of Kids
Yesterday was a busy day but a sad day…….As we were all feeling for the tragedy in Connecticut. Poor babies and families…..So meaningless…….I was suppose to go to a good friend’s special birthday dinner last night. I did not attend, as I had a bunch of Boys, as well as Kaylee. I also did not really want to leave my children. The night was nice though. I cooked for all of William’s friends. They are all really nice and polite. Then I dropped them all off at the YMCA dance. I had to sign for like ten kids….I love how they call me Mama Cub……They got a ride home thankfully and were relatively quiet last night……….The woman that I rent a room to, is not happy about the boys sleeping over. I need to find a new one. She is very up and down with her temper, reminding me of some other mistakes in my life, when I was around that more. My kids come first………I am excited for Christmas this year. It has been rainy and cold out. That always makes me want to stay home by the fire, cook and bake….Yesterday I was running around like crazy starting my Christmas shopping. I did not get to the gym but at the end of the day, I was exhausted. Kaylee and I were in bed by eight thirty. It is a good thing I rested up because Chris and Dyane, are having a huge Christmas party tonight. Their house is set up all beautiful……I can’t wait to dance. Gotta drink some diet red bull to stay up…..I am realizing a big connection with high heels and my back hurting. So much to my dismay I am going to have to reveal to others how small I really am. ha ha. Once in a while but the pain is not worth it…………I was thinking how my mother always said,’Everything you do today, is going to effect your body later in life.’ I really had it pretty good until my car accident…..then the domino effect started. :(……….I have been having some really, clear spiritual thoughts and feelings…….I am so scared for my Dad to die, but I do see how his quality of life is minimum…..I am also feeling a strong connection that souls never die……and cells do not either. Energy is just recreated into different matter…..So it we are all part of the earth and the continuation of life……… So I am limiting my talk radio. It is very interesting but depressing. I am going to get books on cd’s and listen to MPR more….I remember listening to MPR with my Mom when I was little and I hated it…….I also hated saturday and sunday afternoon when their were only three channels available , and nothing good was on……….I am feeling very grateful for a lot of things which feels nice…..I love my children so, family and friends………I want to make 2013 a great year where I face the rest of my fears……Save like you are going to live forever, Live like you are going to die tomorrow……!!! Save has not been in my vocabulary yet but I am going to try and introduce it. .
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