To BLog or Meditate???

by Amy Cubbison on January 22nd, 2013

HMmm Meditate or blog? I guess blog won……My dreams at night are so complicated. It is as if I do not miss a thing during the day whether I realize it or not. As my life has so many things going on right now, my dreams are very colorful. I dream of my father every night, as well as my children, my mother, and then some craziness. :)……..I had the beginning of a bad day yesterday. I went to a football party with Kaylee at Lisa Pidgeon’s home. It was fun, but it was a long day. Three days of doing activities is to much for me right now. Even though I like being with people, and running away from my problems, it catches up with me. The hospice therapist called me yesterday and I went and saw him. He was a life saver…….He is young and handsome of course but a classy, gentleman who’s eyes show he cares. He was very helpful . He validated me in confirming that i have tons of loss and stress right now in my life……A had a good cry, and then came home meditated, took a hot bath and relaxed. It felt good to be home………I made some big decisions in my sleep last night that I think will really help me change my life around……..I will keep those for myself though..:) Tonight is my brother David’s last night . We are going to go to taco tuesday. Then mellow balance of the week. I want to be productive this week, paint and be healthy, not to mention making goals/dreams for my future. Yesterday was my father’s actual 87 bday. I brought him a cinnamon bun and coffee…….He was not responsive but when I sang happy birthday to him, he joined along. It once again melted my heart. I video taped it and hopefully I can post it.

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