by Amy Cubbison on February 16th, 2013

Beautiful Day
Wow! What a gorgeous day…..Spring is in the air…..I am feeling a bit tired but good. I have been having people over lately and then last night I went out with my brother David and some friends. I slept at Angela’s and we were home by ten thirty however you know that is not my norm. We went to a friend of ours from La Jolla’s restaurant,”Beaumonts.” It was fun. I actually did not know one person there, which was nice for a change. I had the Sea bass with Shitake mushrooms and amazing. Then they had a mellow cool seventies band. It was nice to listen and watch them play. I have been spending more time in la Jolla since my brother bought his amazing beach condo…..He got a smokin deal on it, and it has everything!! Ocean view, underground parking, wood floors. It has great energy, light and it is very bright and open. He got it for half of what it was listed at. He keeps saying he got B of A…He has my art hung all over his home and it makes me proud. It makes his condo very homy…….My brother has been such a saving grace to me as of late. We have gotten really close. David is so good with my father as well. He told me my Dad gets so happy to hear things about me especially good things, when I am not around. That makes me feel good. Yesterday I visited my father and he was so out of it, and sleepy. I have to say a prayer before I go in there to be strong, positive and not cry. I went back this morning and visited him. He was awake and at breakfast. He was sooooooo quiet……If you have not gone through this, it is so painful as he has no quality of life…..If I get a tad of a yay or a smile I feel blessed. …..There was this lil old lady named Ella today. She was from England. She kept on asking for toast and they kept on saying you just ate some. She insisted that she had not eaten. The staff was sort of snooty with her. They told her that she could have more toast and that she must be very hungry. I walked by the woman and she said to me,”It is frightening when i forget something that just happened?” I agreed with her. She was sweet and told me a lil of her story…There is always something amusing or touching that occurs at the home. It is a a very fancy nice home but my dad is not well enough to partake in the activities…..I needed a break from my pup, as she goes everywhere with me. I had that break and then I was missing her so….This morning I woke up with an aching feeling in my heart. I was noticing what was absent, and one of the things was my children. If I go a day with out seeing them, I ache…….I really do. So today we hung out and had a long nice lunch. Now I am at the Bed and Breakfast with William and his entourage….He even bought his guests tooth brushes for when they stay. ha ha. Sandra my renter is staying for a while. It is just much easier and I am to busy to find a new one at this time. Hopefully with all of the good things happening I will not need one soon………..I was very proud of myself because since I have been working for my brother, I have not been lunching or shopping nearly as much. I am also finding that I am saving so much money on gas with my new Hybrid. So I am budgeting and balancing and it feels really good……Some other great news is ….My brothers friend Fiona whom is a beautiful, talented business woman is LeaveMeB.coms new partner. My brother is going to help us out and have her run the company and money because he trusts her so. That way she can just assign jobs to me, and I can be the creative force..Exciting. I am going to put my 2.3 million dollar check on the wall as I use to have. That is what i want to sell it for, or more…….someday….I am excited to simplify, organize and advertise…… So between Peter’s, and my painting gallery, I believe I can do well…yay what a good feeling, and so necessary. I am creating autonomy and realize how important this is for me, even if it has not been easy…..I have been writing down positive affirmations as well as saying ones, that I use to say to myself. They really help and I am trying to put out to the universe what I want and believe that I deserve it…..:) ………This week back to no wine during the week and just on the weekends……..It makes me feel so much better, and I want to try and keep it up. I love feeling healthy n fit!! I did haute yoga today and it felt heavenly to sweat it all out today……..Good night y’ all……..whomever, wherever….

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