Birds Chirping

by Amy Cubbison on February 22nd, 2013

Birds Chirping in the morning is one of my favorite sounds especially when Spring is around the corner. I love the mornings…..but not when it is cold and rainy. Then i love my bed…….Oh my, my dreams. I need a cold shower this morn. ha ha. Making up for lack there of…….Today I am going to school to see Kaylee’s play, in which she has the big line.”Why?” I am happy to have it off. I am going to work out, go to the hospice therapist with my mother, and then paint! and ship tshirts. Tonight is another girls night. It is our friend Helen’s bday. Dyane has organized a fun night. I am loving going to bed early and feeling really healthy. So not really in the mood but I am sure I will perk up. Dyane is so much fun to go out with. There will be sixteen girls and we have a driver……Yesterday I found a Herve Leger look alike dress, 75 percent off, at my friend lisa’s shop “Vitamin G.” It was fifteen dollars and it fits like a glove. A nice lil find. ……Last weekend on the holiday weekend, Marsha and I took the kids to the park. It was so beautiful. We had a blanket, snacks and our pups. The kids were using skooters. I was just laying down looking at the sky and the beauty of nature, while watching the kids laugh and play. It was very peaceful, and it reminded me of being in the moment and when I use to always take my children to the park……..Chloe is a lil terror. She ripped up part of my pillow top mattress. She tears anything she finds in to one hundred pieces. She ate Kaylee’s toothbrush. Lucky she is sooooo darn cute and we love her sooooo much………I have a busy weekend this one. Tomorrow night my friend who owns Bliss 101 is having an art exhibit, with a surfing family, whom have a book and a documentary about their lives. Then Sunday it is none other than Oscar night at Hadley’s. I also am working with my new partner on LeaveMeB and organizing…so the fun will off balance the work. I had another great week at work for my brother. There is some of that sales pressure of only being as good as my last demo booked….but that goes with every sales job..I just had to give myself a pep talk………last night I cooked for Neil and the kids. They all came in ravenous and Wills, Neil and Jac were fighting over the stir fry. ………My mother said to me yesterday,”keep up the good work.” That was nice to hear…….Off to take my bambino to school…….then yoga!

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