by Amy Cubbison on February 11th, 2013

Today was a good day as far as Monday’s go. 🙂 Kaylee and Jac always have the Monday Blues, but now I get a tad of them too. I mean my work schedule is definitely doable but getting adjusted. I am excited for working for NoteVault. There are a lot of big opportunities and my brother really seems to take my opinion in to consideration. We are going to the General Contractor Show March 6th for three days in Palm Desert. I get to book appointments lay by the pool, during the day and network at night. I can handle that…..I am sort of getting spring fever to…….That is what I always say about the rain and cold, it makes us look forward to the Spring/Summer….. I am finally feeling one hundred percent. My back has not even been really bad lately…..I am trying to hold my stomach in several times a day just to strengthen my core on its own. People are all mentioning my modest weight loss. A few pounds on me makes a world of difference. I feel more confident. Plus I am doing yoga and weights too……..Some other good news is that my tshirt orders are picking up again finally…….I am also getting some new wholesale accounts. …My brother David is in town right now. He is my savior right now. He has bought many paintings from me, sold some and now, he is renting a wall in a gallery in La Jolla for me to sell my paintings. He is like my business coach right now. I feel a lot of potential for the future. That is very important for me to see, and feel. ….that if I work hard, that I can achieve things that I want to do, be and have. I do not mean in material things but to be able to pay my bills, and have some pampering and fun..and maybe some savings..:) …….Friday night I had a big night planned out with the girls ie;Blue eyes Robin. We had big plans. We went to two places. The first one was Poseidon and the second was Union. WE had a couple drinks at the first one and then a full dinner, thanks for our friend Rob, at the next one. Well my big plans changed rapidly after dinner….I asked for a cab home and thought it was ten thirty when in fact it was eight thirty…..I did not realize till the next day….Anyways it makes for a good story…….I definitely notice that I am more tired at night being more productive and busy………..The balance of the weekend was with my kids mostly. William had his friends over saturday night-girls and guys. I am instructed to stay up in my room after saying Hello. 🙂 . William and I are getting along well and it is really nice. He confides in me….and I will keep that confidential. :)…….Sunday Kaylee had her first English tea party on her own (more or less) . She did invites, picked food, made sandwiches and some desserts. I was the tea master, and helped with some of the etiquette and table setting. Helping Kaylee have the tea party once again shows me how important it is to do special activities with our children. We used the china tea set my mother bought her and I got to use my china from my wedding and from when my Dad use to take me to Costco….Prince Albert. I was telling Dyane about how often my father took me there and how I would always get housewares stuff but I had to do the puppy eyes to get anything other than food….Fun memories at Costco with my Dad……..He is still hanging on……It is depressing to see him. He always seems better when more family is in town. I will take the kids Wednesday to visit or friday. ……..Chloe is chewing on everything. I need to hide my undies and socks. Lil bugger……She stops when I ask her…My sweet little over attached pup….She cries and shakes when I leave the room or the house…….Dyane and I laugh about our over attached pups…………Hopefully CHloe will get better as she grows up but for now, I am enjoying having a baby on my lap all day at work. Everyone in the office is getting use to her….Nobody can believe how good she is and quiet. I sometimes get her a sausage at Mcdonalds and yesterday she was howling in the line, just like Bailey did. She even tried to jump out my window but I caught her. THen she grabbed the sausage from my hand and ate it in one bite…Omg…..five times the size of her mouth…..Kaylee starts gymnastics tomorrow……We are going to my brother’s for dinner tonight to see the baby Phillip……Mar’s Mother is taking Kaylee and her other niece to the American Girl Doll Store in March. Kaylee is so excited. So although doing a lot of growth and some emotional healing with good days and bad days……life is getting better…..I need to let go and let God…….and trust fate…….I watched Joel Osteen’s sermon on Having faith or Fear and it was great. I forwarded it to several friends……I am going to watch it again. It reminded me also to hang around positive people who do treat me kind and loving and to not expose my big heart to those who don’t accept it, treat it gentle, and want to put the fear of the world and God in me….All we have is today……….When I am laying in Bed with Kaylee and or Jac and Kaylee, I always think, “I am loving this moment. WE are safe, cozy, healthy and happy.” I want to savor it!!

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