by Amy Cubbison on February 17th, 2013

Another beautiful day. Except today I am going to sit out in it a bit. Every winter I say no more sun, and then every spring, I say bring it on, with sunscreen of course…….I am going to first listen to my guy-Joel Osteen, then work out. Then Neil, the kids and I are going to see my father at the home, and then go to Sammy’s with my brother David and my mother. I really feel lucky that Neil and I are mature and friends enough to have family times all together. It is the best of both worlds. When you are with someone so long, you share so many memories and private jokes. etc. In fact last night Sandra and I (while told to remain upstairs) watched a movie on a couple that is getting divorced but still care a lot and will always be friends. It shows the complexity of it. I am never quite sure how people get divorced and say they hate that person, or have no feelings…especially when children are involved…………….I feel great today. I did not have wine last night and I went to bed at eight thirty……I need to listen to my body when it is tired, and attend to what it needs….Friday night Dyane is planning a big girls night out. So I am going to be super mellow this week, and looking forward to it. Not only mellow but busy…..Working for Peter, painting, and doing LeaveMeB after work….and my babies………Last night I had some sad dreams. Those dreams where people are mean to me…I guess that goes with making some of the decisions I have made in my life, that have hurt others……..I was happy to wake up. The prior night, I dreamt that my mother’s housekeeper Lilly was cleaning my house. I was so happy!! Then I woke up. 🙁 I also had a dream about my old nanny Minor. She is 95. In this dream she asked my Dad whom she called Mr. Joe, for a lobster tail. She was lounging on this beautiful couch 1920’s style. I said to her,”miner you have come a long way baby.” Then I was looking at her lobster that was huge, and salivating. I said to myself, and I am gonna have a bit of that puppy……..Four day weekend for the kids so………gonna do some fun things. We are going to take them skiing one day and then to the desert over Spring break. Neil has a lot of work coming up..big jobs, so that is all great news.
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