by Amy Cubbison on March 26th, 2013

I heard one of my favorite sounds this a.m. -the birds chirping. I like mornings albeit on school days when I feel the rush to pack lunch, feed breakfast, and make sure everyone has their things, and out the door by seven fifty. I do feel a sense of accomplishment when everything goes smooth……I am feeling bored today, hence at work and blogging…..My old therapist told me that boredom is the first stage of inner peace, or when one is not living their life to the fullest…Tonight we are going to Jac’s tournament…..Last night my roommate was watching our Nanny 911 episode. I have not seen that in years. It was fun to watch but made me sad as my babies are so grown up…..William is upset we did that show, and say’s people think we are weird. I said all teenagers think their parents are weird, and besides everyone knows how fake, and set up reality shows are…….This morning Kaylee by accident took three gummy vitamins. Jac was so worried about her, and kept on scolding her. IT was really cute….Back to work..
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