Not so good day….but thank GOd today is a new one

by Amy Cubbison on March 22nd, 2013

Yesterday was not a good day for me. There has to be one of them stuck in between the good every now and then. It was one of those days, where I just dreamt of going to sleep and waking up the next day clear headed. I am not going to go in to much detail but it started with some wonderful unexpected bills that I was not ready for. That worry prevented me from sleeping all night. Then I had conflict with my mother. Even though I am enjoying all of the kids being here, it is getting a bit crowded. Neil is away working so I feel like I am running around like a maniac for all of them. I am a short order cook, and a taxi driver. 🙂 It is just more difficult as the younger ones have half days. I just need to have more boundaries, and get them to help me more. This has been a problem in my parenting. I love to “take care” of them, but then it exhausts me. I also went to sell some diamonds that Neil bought me sixteen years ago. They were not even real diamonds. That broke my heart. Someone ripped a young couple off. The jewelry store is closed now but it was GEMWAY. I can’t believe someone would be so cruel. We paid a lot of money for them. I had a gutt feeling back then to check but I guess I never really wanted to go there. Thank God I am in touch with my gutt feelings and intuition now……..Anyways today is a new day. I slept great. Kaylee woke up with the barking cough so I need to take her to the doctors. I am happy it is Friday. I was going to babysit my baby nephew Phillip but had to reschedule due to Kaylee’s cough. So today I will have a very nice mellow day with Kaylee at home. I have a lot I need to do and I want to finish my paintings. $$$ I am also reading a great novel. Yesterday I did a great yoga hatha class. My back has been bothering me and it helped. I really feel my core getting stronger. I am appreciating the slowness of hatha again……..Tonight my friend Amy is having Moms over for dinner. I am looking forward to adult time with my friends…I am lucky to have so many great ones in my life…….This morning I saw a wish floating in the air and I ran it down, grabbed it and made wishes on them. Remember those seeds that are like Cotton floating in the air……Kaylee and I are having a nice chat since she is home. She just told me that there were only two nice girls on her Cheerleading team, and the others did not include her. She had tears rolling down her eyes. I acknowledged her feelings and asked why she never told me. She said the memory just resurfaced. I explained to her that the girls on team had been together for years, although that does not give them the right to be clicky. I also then confirmed that anyone who misses out on Kaylee’s friendship is at loss…..Yesterday I had conferences. There was nothing but praise for Jac and Kaylee. They are on par in all subjects or better than grade level. They both improved in areas that they needed to. The teachers both commended them for being kind, caring, considerate people as well as gifted artists…..It was so nice to hear after the day I had………So of course today I am focusing on the positive and gratitude….

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