Sunday Funday….or family day for me.

by Amy Cubbison on March 24th, 2013

I am going to try and blog daily but keep it brief. Fiona and I met yesterday about Leave Me B and that is one of the things she believes is important in making my site more up to date…as we are doing. We have some exciting plans, and hopefully third time is a charm. Fiona is a very trustworthy, hardworking, experienced business woman. She is also a great mentor for me. She is kind, caring but strong. ………I connected Sofia with my father’s caregiving home. She is going to be singing for the elderly. She has a beautiful voice and sings Les Miserables wonderfully. I am trying to convince Kaylee and Marina to do a little dance routine. Kaylee say’s she is shy but I am explaining how happy she will make the residents……….We are going to Peter’s for breakfast after the gym. That means I get to see baby Phillip…..yay………WE are enjoying the time change and eager for Spring/Summer. We have been going to pool again albeit with sunscreen, and it it nice….Mellow weekend but good surrounded by my children and good friends….Lou took me to dinner last night at the Thai place. I am getting a break from Mr. Peabody’s. yay!….Kaylee and i have been working on paintings, one that i am very proud of. When I use to paint all of the time, I would see the world in paint strokes. I am not there yet but eager to be. It is a wonderful thing……When I went to Fiona’s home yesterday it resurfaced a lot of memories. She lives in a town home that we use to live in when I was fifteen. I walked around the gardens smelling the familiar smells, trees, and sights. I stopped by homes where several of my friends use to live and that I am still in touch with . It also brought up memories of two friends that I have lost in car accidents. It was bitter sweet but none the less an in the moment feeling that was powerful and meaningful.
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