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by Amy Cubbison on April 13th, 2013

Yesterday Neil and I took the kids to Mission Bay Park. I have not been there in years……So many memories resurfaced driving through Mission Beach. I told my kids I use to roller skate in my bikini on the boardwalk and they responded,”Gross.” Then I did a brave act-I went on the rides with the kids. I am trying to play with them more and have more natural fun as I did as a child. Let me just tell you, I confirmed once again I hate them. The worst was the flippin two hundred year old roller coaster. I was miserable. It just jerked my neck and back, while it looked like it was going to break. I could not wait for it to be over. I went on this drop ride that gives you butterflies in your stomach. At first I was startled and was screaming-the kids were cracking up. The day was very fun, as the kids were so happy and of course our teenager was MIA………My roommate is moving out. It is time to be back alone in my home and have my children feel freedom to come over anytime…..That was a trying experience to say the less…trying and Humbling…..Dyane just invited Kaylee and I to go on a house boat vacation in August. I have always wanted to try that. I feel very honored that so many friends are so generous with me and the children……..Next weekend a good friend from childhood is having a big bday bash at his new yoga retreat he built in Borrego. I am looking forward to seeing it. He is turning Fifty. Yowza!!! I went to visit my father yesterday morning and had breakfast with him. He looked well. I also was able to visit my friend there, Ella. She is a lil old Irish lady that is lonely and loves to talk. She has interesting stories and I want to bring my children to visit her. It is quite funny and interesting witnessing what goes on in the restaurant at the old folks home. They have a nice little sub culture……..Of course me the hopeless romantic want to set everyone up with everyone there and make everyone feel loved. ……My aunt Marian is in town,. She is my mother’s longest friend. I love their friendship. We went out to Roppongi the other night and after a couple martinis my mouth had a mind of its own. I admitted to my mother a lot of feelings I have been having and holding in. Of course the next day I felt bad and apologized. I do need to stand up for myself more but there are appropriate ways and appropriate times and places, that I need to consider. There are also two sides to every story. I do love my mother so but we are very different and i desire her to show me love the way I show love.

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