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by Amy Cubbison on April 26th, 2013

I had a dream that my house was messy despite how much I was TRYING to clean it…Then I woke up and realized it was not a dream. Ugh….Of all the things I miss about indulgence the maid has to be on the top five….I really am not great at cleaning. When I sweep I seem to just transfer the dirt….Weird dreams again last night. I decided I am going to make more of an effort to just highlight the good and minimize the bad-in my speech, life and blogging. Sometimes it is nice to complain and I like to be funny about it but that negative energy has to go somewhere. Same with self deprecating humor. Some is funny and then to much sounds very negative. ……We went to visit my father last night at the home, as I said. I went up to my so called friend Ella who resides there. I really thought we were building a friendship….until last night. I realized that what she is saying to me each time I see her, does not add up. I really don’t think she has any idea who I am or thinks I am someone from the past. She keeps saying “my your children have grown.” She just saw them a week ago?? Anyways she is sweet but I found that a little funny…..It is very hard to see my father in that home and in that state. I have to hold my emotions to myself. I want him to make friends. I am trying to get Ella to visit him regularly. My father is moving homes to a more full care facility but it is really nice. I am nervous about the change for my father. The good news is my mother can walk there. Some of my family is all coming out for my nephews Baptism. That will be nice for the family to be here as well, as have them while my father transfers…..I love that baby Phillip and dream of him nightly. I am always nursing him in my dreams???? I have to look that one up….Kaylee’s bday is coming up . She wants to have a sleepover. Two of her friends from school can not make it. Kaylee is so sad, and I feel for her. It is difficult that Kaylee’s bday is so close to Mother’s day. I keep imagining Kaylee being a teenager and it hurts my heart. I want her to stay my little amigo for much longer.:)….Today is dress up as favorite star today at OPE. Kaylee is going to be CECE from Shake it up…..What and how do full time working moms keep up? I do not know……
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