by Amy Cubbison on May 31st, 2013

Sometimes we or at least I need to make some mistakes over and over but I do see more growth and strength with each one. TGIF but not really. I did not work much this week, and had some fun along the way so I want to be mellow yellow this weekend. Going to take the kids to see the new ice age movie, and going to a beach party. Last night as I mentioned was such a nice, happy summer like night. I cooked for the kids and Neil. Neil grilled and we ate outside, and the kids played soccer on the lawn. The kids were giggling with joy, in fact Kaylee kept giggling all night long…It was so cute. We need to do that a lot more. We are planning a trip to Disneyland soon as well. I am going back east for my brother’s party. I am so looking forward to it as I am going to have a mini reunion with my junior high school friends. I will miss my babies but …….This is going to be a great summer. Work is going well, my paintings are going well, my lifestyle is improving and I am making more money. yay……………..Gotta run and go pick up my babies…….

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