Good Morning…

by Amy Cubbison on May 17th, 2013

Good moring! Slept well last night. Even though this has been a tiring week being single mother of three with no help-it has also been rewarding. It is nice to have all of the kids around. The kids always whine a bit extra when Neil leaves, and Neil say’s they do the same to him. William and I are working on some mile stones. Had a great week at work. I am really enjoying it now. We have some good events coming up. I am going to try to work two full days in the summer and then have the balance off with my children. We are planning some vacations that hopefully will pan out. i do know Kaylee and i are invited to stay in a house on the River-boating, water skiing, jet skiing on Lake Havasue…..Never been so that will be fun……We went to family night at my father’s nursing home the other night. I went up to my so called friend Ella, and she said to her friend ,” Who the hell is that?” I was a bit sad then laughed it off. They told me she has dementia. That is how we met after all , she forgot she ate breakfast and I stood up for her. Seeing my father go down hill is beyond heart breaking. I love when my brother David is out because he has time and budget to hang with my father all day…….Star testing is over for the kids at school…yay. They were so anxious to get to school each morning in fear of being late and having to sit in the office for two hours. There was a lot of screaming in the morning….Today I have some doctor appointments, and then I am going to see a good friend, and paint. After school Dyane and I are taking the kids to a fair at Marina’s school……I use to love fairs. Then tomorrow after Jac’s soccer I am a free agent……..Not sure what I am going to do but looking forward to no duties, work, and babies ….for a day and a night .
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