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by Amy Cubbison on May 22nd, 2013

No kids this morning…and loving the fact that I decided I am not going to the gym, and just going to doze in and out of sleep while listening to the birds chirp outside….It feels so good….It is nice when I give myself permission to relax and realize how much I need it….Going to go down have some coffee, and ship some shirts then go to work. Tonight Kaylee and I are going to visit my father. I miss him terribly…….We are having dinner with him at the home……..Kaylee has been saying such funny things lately. She said she was upset William was eating her cereal so she is going to disguise it as Boring Bob Cereal, on the label….ha ha. And then yesterday when I picked her up at school, the previous receptionist was in Jennifer. We miss her. I asked “Why she left, and Kaylee said she got an upgrade.” ha ha…..I said,” promotion???”…………I am looking forward to this weekend with a lot of fun things to do…..mostly with kids and family but I love it…..William fixed some things in my home for me yesterday, and I gave him some money for new shoes. I think that is going to work for both of us…..Wills is working for Lou doing paving. I think it is going to be a very good lesson, for Wills …………..So all good on this end…….Oh and Last night I watched most of the Life Of Pi…..what a wonderful movie. I need to finish it. It made me want to travel many third worlds parts of the world, and experience different types of people, and the beauty around. I have been dreaming about traveling to different places and places that I have been and loved, such as Italy. It is funny because I had not had that desire in the past while but it is resurfacing..) Makes the little problems here and the local problems here seem so insignificant…
16 hours ago
I try not to text and drive or call and drive but I am NOT perfect. I sneak at the traffic lights. Today I glanced up at the light, shaming myself for looking down and almost everyone around me was doing the same thing in their car…..I had terrible nightmares last night. The kind that woke me up. I was upset about several things but mainly my father and his situation. I feel badly that I do not …See More
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