by Amy Cubbison on July 23rd, 2013

Well our vacation did not go exactly as planned but it was stlll nice especially for the children….It has been an utter nightmare rushing to get Wills passport. It looks as if it will come through but what a scare. William would be so upset with me if he could not go on trip…Neil was yelling at me, as he use to, when It was not my fault….but that does not matter. The information I was getting from several different government employees was contradictory. However I did learn a lot in how the process works for future events……….When we went to La a couple days ago, my kids were so star struck. It was hilarious. It reminded me of when I was 12 and traveled to la from pa. My goal was to find john Travolta. I asked everyone and everywhere if he had been there. I found a place where he had eaten and I stood at the booth. Mind you there were people in there……I told them why I was standing there and the man gave me five dollars to go away. ha ha…..Kaylee asked everywhere if Bella Thorne has been there. Many people said yes…Jac was looking for David Beckham and soccer players…..We did not see any famous people but the kids enjoyed, doing to star things up there….I on the other hand am so over la or celebrity hunting….I dont even get excited when I meet stars……maybe if i met madonna or Brad Pitt. ha ha….We went in the American Girl Doll store. Kaylee was beyond the moon…IS that an expression or did I just make it up? Anyways Kaylee and Jac played so much together and giggled so much. It is beyond adorable……..So the friendship that has been ending, very slowly has come to the end…….At least for now…..So time to move on and learn lessons from others who enter my life…..Endings are sad but leave opportunity for new beginnings and others to come in to your life……I have a few others coming in to my life right now, and I am excited about that….kaylee and I painted yesterday. If felt great. I just feel so natural behind a paintbrush and in front of a canvas . It i like my hand has a mind of its own……I feel very close to my children and the kids are happy when we do things as a family…….I am not sure how people separate/divorce and hate one another…….especially in my case, we grew up together….So many memories and we know one another so well…..a lil to well sometimes…..ha ha

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