bikini summer

by Amy Cubbison on July 10th, 2013

I love summer time….Where I work out, spend the day with the kids and friends, have dinner or go to friends for dinner, with kids, all the while wearing my bikini all day!!! I am in bed sleeping in it now……..I found out that my ex roommate who was very abusive and had the life is not fair complex, contacted people I know and told them lies about me or clear Embellished truths……at first I was scared and felt insecure but then I realized that anyone that knows her and knows me will know the truth and if that is not clear to them, then they don’t deserve me Feeling confident today as you can see…..Hope it continues……Anyways i could not live with myself if I was that spiteful, and mean…It all stemmed from me not leaving fifty dollars under the mat that I owed her. Mind you I called and was going to deliver it to her home that night…….I think it stems more from me recognizing the abusive and how I have been attracted to people like that, and not calling her or continuing a friendship….What an unhappy person………..I did EMDr with my friend Amy who is a therapist tonight. I am not sure if you understand what that is but it is a tapping system that helps you pull up negative memories from your body that are kept in there and result in aches, and pains……I told her I was feeling good today and strong but next thing you know I was addressing the hurt little girl in me…..I went through several memories some painful but then came out the other side with knowledge and self awareness……At one point my back hurt so bad but then when the power of the bad memory left my body, so did the pain……Very powerful……….Today we were busy the entire day,,,,,We did not make it to the library so we will go tomorrow…..Although my kids are not excited about it….I want to get books on tape and some good books to read on my trip…..last week when I went to that white party, I regressed. I was getting a lot of attention and then relishing in it…… felt good temporarily and then I realized again I am so happy to be passed that stage of my life…………..anyways home in bed in my bikini and gonna watch Grease with Kaylee…..Today at a friends we watched an episode of Full house. It was crazy watching the old styles…….and then when I heard the series was thirty years old, I freaked out………Tomorrow afternoon we are celebrating my nephew Mathews bday at my brothers…..then Charlene and i are going to the Riviera party downtown…….So it will be a nice time to network…..I love their parties……Night.

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