Bon Jour

by Amy Cubbison on July 23rd, 2013

I had another great dream last night. When I was eighteen I lived in Paris for a year. I dreamt last night that i went back there to collect my things…It was sooooo beautiful there, the sun was shining. I was looking at the beautiful buildings and architecture. I went to the open market and was shopping. . I then ran in to a bunch of my friends from there like Julie Stenger.! I was so happy to see them and then we watched a movie of the old days. The dream had so much meaning in it, that it was wonderful. I kept thinking to myself there is so much of the world to see. I want to go back to Italy…..I love the uniqueness of others in other countries….I want to live life to the fullest and enjoy with someone, ,,,,,,,,The other day Kaylee said to me, ” May the fourth be with you?’ Then she said,”It is the4th of may and that is a take on Star Wars.” Another cute statement from a cute girl………We have been going to bed at eight thirty. I love it. We love my bed, and we watch movies.. My days are busier now, as I am working more. Neil is in La so I go to the gym, then to work for Peter, Then pick up kids, come home do homework, Take Jac to soccer or go watch it, then Cook dinner…….It is a good productive day. I do manage to have some fun in there. Tonight my brother David’s ex girlfriend from Philly is in town. She is a hoot and I am going to meet her at the La Auberge for dinner. Tomorrow night I have a Riviera party but it is downtown so I am going to just do our usual hanging out with Dyane and Marina……Besides…Saturday is Kaylee’s slumber birthday party……….and then Sunday Mother’s day……Then Kaylees real bday on Monday. We celebrate a lot. My mother is getting Kaylee a real sewing machine and sewing lessons. Isn’t that nice and wonderful??……….We are going to get her a new bike for our bike rides…Jac is a doll……William is always asking for food, trips , money or clothes………and that is about it for now…………I am going to be getting a raise and commission…. and I have two more commissioned orders for paintings as well as Six for gallery…..Just need to find the time to paint a lot………..The other day i went in to Nordstroms and there was a big event. I knew several people there and they all were asking where I have been? I said TJ Max…ha ha. Then they said did you not get the invite? I said “Nope’ Ahh humbled again….only for a little while longer I hope. xo
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