Good morning

by Amy Cubbison on July 11th, 2013

William told me yesterday about this amazing complex dream he had. I then told him to start writing his dreams down, as they can help us grow in many ways. My mother use to go to a Dream Group with her friends. They would all write their dreams down, drink wine, eat and the dream analyst would analyze their dreams….One thing my mother told me that always stuck was-we control everyone in our dreams and they are all parts of ourself. Well last night after doing the emdr, i had a dream about protecting my children. I told Amy last night if anyone messes with my children then they will be sorry. I would protect them as I always wanted to be protected, and more than i would protect myself. I wish I would have done that for myself more in my life…So last night I had a dream william was stuck in Mexico and he was in a hotel room and he was going to slide a green card under the door, so I could find him……Well I was exhausting myself going around and around the hotel rooms. I was on the outside of the building and climbing all the while being scared but wanting to save him. I woke up before it ended….But at one part in the dream, I was very high up stuck on something with Kaylee in my arms. Kaylee was very scared and I kept on assuring her I would save her and take care of her. I remember holding on to her for dear life…….and knowing I could climb down with her safely but it was going to be tough…somehow someway I would get down that pole……….
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