by Amy Cubbison on July 7th, 2013

Today started out not so great….I definitely feel more sensitive lately, which is not good. Trust me I am sensitive enough …….I am sure you see that in my blogging…..I can always see other people’s perspectives that it can be confusing to me…….to really take care of myself, while respecting others and not flip flop back and fourth. Empathy is a gift but too much is a burden……Anyways I am also sure I am tired today as I had an active night friday and then was going all saturday. Stacy and I went out for apps and a drink. It was great catching up but Del Mar was dead, other than old perverts….I have changed in so many ways, and the things that mattered to me at one time, no longer do……I just need to find more joy in simple things and direct myself that way….Feeling settled……My mother bought the kids and I Lambs theater tickets for Fiddler on the Roof…… Coronado…..Well getting the kids out the door, to La Jolla by one was not easy. Especially as they both complained about going to the dumb theater the entire way…….I was sort of dreading it myself to be honest. I was really not that familiar with Fiddler On The Roof……I was in that mood where it just felt like to much to get all the way down there. I get that feeling sometimes but whenever I push myself to go , I usually am happy I did. So the musical was a success. I forgot so many aspects of the show and the meaning. I am half Russian and my grandparents emigrated from Russia…..and I love traditions. The children loved it. It was so touching, that I had that ache in my throat. The kids were mesmerized…I loved watching them watch the show….They asked really relevant questions. I congratulated them on seeing their first Broadway professional show. I remember mine very well. Annie with Andrea Mcardle in New York. I loved it. I even went back stage to meet her…I am very lucky to have had a life where I was exposed to so much travel, and so much theater, and fine foods……So for that i am grateful. ….It was also nice to be in Coronado…..So beautiful…..We are not leaving until the 17th now so I am glad for that……..I think it will be a healing, cleansing time……I have not had an appetite lately at all… that also means good news…..I look much better five or six pounds thinner…..Kaylee is upset because she got her first pimple….she has mentioned it several times today. It is a spec…..Gotta prepare for the preteen and teen years for all of my kids….I have given the kids jobs to do daily at the house and they are all abiding……William cleaned up a big mess that his friends made and did a great job at it……..Trying to teach them all better than I was taught………I was sitting in the theater next to my mother and I grabbed her hand. It felt good to hold my mom’s hand….I have missed that……Bon Nuit
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