by Amy Cubbison on July 31st, 2013

Taking kids to the trampoline place today. They are excited…..I need time out of the sun…although I get comments all day on my good tan….Even with fifty on, it is getting to much……We are having a great summer…..Looking so forward to Santa Barbara with friends and Kaylee Dyane and Chris graciously invited us. …..Have a lot of plans in the next days ahead……The other day Kaylee was with her friend Emma and they were playing imaginary houses. Emma said to her mother, Mommy “Kaylees house is bigger and nicer then mine and she said I can’t go in.” Ha ha. I thought that was so cute…because they are in charge of their imaginations…..and that is what Maica said………The other day at my dad’s home, this elderly woman sat with my father and myself, and of course Ernest, his other care taker. This woman said she lost her hearing aid. She was talking soooo loud and making no sense what so ever. She told me she liked to play footsies with my father. Then when I got up to leave I gave my father a huge, hug and a kiss……The woman said,”How come your father does not let me do that to him?” I told my father and although his vocabulary is about five words, He shouted,”No way!” It was hilarious…..There is this little group of ladies, that have befriended me and me the same….I happened to be dressed up that day and had makeup on. They commented on how pretty I looked and they asked me to dress up every time for them……Guess gotta ditch the exercise gear and no makeup or shower….. I feel good lately. I feel as if I am making changes for the better. I am communicating with everyone and feel clear…..I am believing I deserve more but knowing that I need to take my part in everything to some degree……Dyane’s husband and I are working on some of my ideas, and it is really exciting. It is perfect because I do the idea and the design and then Chris knows how to do everything else…. I am also eating gluten free as I said before. I really notice a big difference in my allergies as well, as my emotions……..Yay!!!
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