by Amy Cubbison on July 31st, 2013
7 hours ago
One teenager, Two to go……..

I thought of this in my sleep last night..How I have to get through the teens three times. Yikes. Then I thought about Kaylee not being little anymore and not wanting to hold my hand. I hope she is not mean and moody. Jac will probably be easy as he thinks about soccer soccer soccer. I also do see his interest in the ladies peaking up…….I had a dream that I was running and it felt so good to run. I miss that feeling. I was sort of thinking maybe when I take walks, I will run a bit and see how I feel. I love that rush and being outside in nature…..I finished and sold another painting. Now I have to work on ones for my gallery….A lot of my friends want to purchase one as well. That also feels good…I love feel good things. My father has been on my mind so much. The past few times I have seen him, he looks thin and weak. I want to hug him and kiss him today and see him more. Today we are going to visit him and then having lunch with my mother at one of my favorite places The French Gourmet. …..I am so bummed. One of my best childhood friends is coming to town and we will be away. I met her in 11th grade in social studies. I had to do a speech in front of the class, and I could not stop laughing. I kept pointing to her and saying,”Stop.” Thus the introduction began….I even clearly remember my teach Mr.Mckenzie. He loved me. Teachers either loved me or not…sort of like people today still. Thank GOd there is more love than not… Anyways he would go through my grades and I would ask what I was getting. He would say….You have c, c, b, c, c Your grade is a B. ha ha…….I woke up in the night and actually used my time wisely. I did that exercise of focusing on the now and feeling everything and all of the sounds…I sort of found myself drifting off to my to Do List… I have a busy next few days and a lot to plan before we go….

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