Back to work

by Amy Cubbison on August 28th, 2013

I have been back to work for almost two weeks, and once again I am reminded of how good for ones self esteem and soul to work. I am doing very well. I am excited as tomorrow my brother David is coming in to town. He is so good with my father or our father(who art in heaven) ha ha. Tonight is family night. I am getting attached to some of the elderly ladies. Last week Evelyn came and sat with us. She kept on asking me the same question over and over again but she forgot. She is so sweet. Then she said several times that she is from Chicago and she has no idea why or how she ended up in la jolla at Sunset………William started high school. He seems to like it. I need to connect with him soon…..I always feel an absence when I have not had a one on one connection with one of my children……..Of course Kaylee loves her teacher and her teacher loves her……and Jac the same…..They are such good kids and easy going…Except sometimes to me. Jac is a mister know it all…..I finally just let him think that he is always right because it is a no win situation….I mean he is smart and often he is right but when it is something that I know very well…..I just give it up…..Leaving my ego at the door which works well for me…….I have had some fun lately……you know me not late night fun but getting out. On Sunday I met friends at the Brig and I met Greg Kinnear there. He was super cool, We watched the beautiful sunset….Then last night I went to taco tuesday with some friends and was home by nine……Had some fun, attention and connecting……..I have been super busy with work, the kids, their school, keeping my house, laundry and organizing not to mention painting, working on my invention, cooking and shopping…..but I am handling it all and having some fun as well.

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