Clean Jean

by Amy Cubbison on August 25th, 2013
Not sure what has gotten in to me but?? I am being organized this year. I made a promise to myself and my children, we are going to be on time, keep our rooms clean, not be late, and take care of all assignments on time……and I even gave Kaylee and Jac chores..Now I just have to get William to do some things around the house. It is not like we never did the above but we were flawed more than most…..I have cleaned out three rooms, and my closet. I have given away tons of stuff, and donated the rest. It makes me feel good to help someone in need….Kaylee is not in to Monster dolls after she has twenty, or Barbies, which she has 20 plus……..So they will make some little girl happy…..I am keeping some of them so Kaylee can pass them on to her daughter. Now that I am back working, I am really busy. Good busy so I do not waste time on insignificant things…… The other day I was grocery shopping and after ten minutes this guy asked me if that was my dog? I looked back and Chloe had jumped out of the car and been trailing behind me the entire time.ha ha. I then just proceeded as she was a seeing eye dog, and finished my shopping.. She even waited at the checkout and waited to cross the street………Uh Oh crap the ice cream man is here……Never fails right before dinner. ha ha…..and of course I can’t say no because I want my children to have wonderful childhood memories……
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