Eleven things about me

by Amy Cubbison on November 15th, 2013

Okay Christine I will take the challenge and do eleven random facts about myself (why 11) that some may or may not know..I am pretty open …..
I got married so young 21 and my mother had to drag me through my registration as I was bored
My mother had to pull me out of the bathroom to do my dance as bride and groom, as I was crying in the bathroom with my girlfriends cuz i was going to miss them
The three happiest moments of my life were the first time I saw each one of my babies being born
I have never felt a greater love than that of my children
I am the youngest of five and my siblings are 9, 12, 14, 1n 16 years older than me
I was born in suburbs philly and moved to La Jolla with parents at fifteen…..I hated it at first and thought californians were strange…Now there is no place I would rather live
I love to paint, cook, love, cuddle, watch movies, write, and do anything outdoors
I love, love love, meeting new people and appreciate all types of people
I want to write a book someday
I have worked out for the past 28 years with out missing many days in between, even when I had babies or my car accident , I would walk, or do light yoga
My car accident was the worst thing that ever happened to me, and although nobody knows it, my intention was not to drive at all but there were extraneous circumstances (that some know others do not)………But it did change my life for the better as well as all traumatic experiences I have had,,,,,,,,,Happy to still be here.
I love love………(this was fun) I think I went over 11…..I am a rule breaker you know.

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