by Amy Cubbison on December 4th, 2013

myself am grateful that our three children are doing well.
I am grateful that I have a deep connection with all of them.
I am grateful my father is still alive and i can kiss him and hold his hand.
I am grateful that I have such a plethora of kind people in my life and that now I realize I can choose an decide whom I want in my life, and let go of toxic people.
I am happy that I am realizing I am a good business woman as well as smart even if I do dingy things sometimes.

I am letting go of things I can’t change and trying to change what I can. I realize I do not have to be treated poorly and work to make others like or love me. I have no control over that.
I am so happy that these days I waked up feeling, healthy, fit and strong and survived some big challenges.
I now embrace how deeply I feel, and how no matter what I still lend my heart out, despite it getting rejected sometimes. I would rather feel deeply than nothing at all.
I am proud of myself for growing daily and improving on all of the things about myself that are no longer cute now.
I am embracing that I am aging as I am so much more a person of depth and I realize I do not want someone that wants me just for the way I look…I am so much more than that. We are all sooo much more than that.
I am grateful that I am authentic, faulty and proudly so, with out feeling ashamed, as I did for much of my life,
I am happy I have found my boundaries, as well as others boundaries, through people who have taught me in my life.
I am grateful that I am taking a risk and doing somethings that I was always afraid to do as I felt the fear of failure.
I am grateful I have a second chance at learning through my children, and trying to teach them the things I wish I would of learned early on…Although life is the best teacher of all.
I am proud that I do not truly miss one materialistic thing that I had to let go of……of course except some with family history or sentimental value.
I am happy that I am not a judgmental person and can love many
I am very proud of myself for doing so many things I use to rely on others to do ie; Cleaning and fixing things. I am now realizing how important it is for me to focus on a task at hand and do the job like Jesus would do it, even if it is taking out the trash.
I admire each and every one of you in some way…….So thank you for being in my life. I think we always need to remember to pull together for we are all one, on this side and other than the blind walk of faith, we are all striving for the same thing……

One wise person told me to live a happy life one must have connection to others, feel appreciated and valued. We must all have a purpose, and have something to look forward to …….
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