End of Summer

by Amy Cubbison on August 25th, 2016

Here we are once again…………the end of summer. The feelings are bitter sweet……Bitter in that I need to go back to getting up early, driving the kids to three different schools, and being on a complete schedule. As you may or may not know I like a bit of schedule but not to much. I can say that we have had a very nice summer though. My reasons for working part time  have always been to be there with the kids for rides and to do fun things in hopes of building warm memories.  This summer we did not go on a big vacation but then again we have not for ages. We did go to the desert a few times. and stayed at nice hotels. Besides being super hot, it was so nice to be back to where we have gone so many times over the years and revisit all of the things we like about that destination.

We went to the beach quite a bit, the country club, park, movies, a lot of lunches, pokemaning, (if that is even a word), out for ice cream, the mall, barbeques, visiting friends, Lemonade stand and bake sales, Painting, making jewelry, and some camps. I was not able to have people over as I like because of promising Will that but that was fine. Saved money and cleaning. I was good about putting sunscreen on and staying in the shade…..As I get older I notice more and more residuals from the sun so I am trying to prevent more.

The exciting news (and sad) is none of my kids will be in elementary school anymore. Kaylee is approaching Middle school, Jac  high school, and Will senior year. Everyone is healthy and that is the most important thing. I am going to be working more doing different things and continuing to work on my memoir.  I do love the fall and where is in the summer I like to be out and about, in the fall I like to stay home and cook, cook, cook………………Here is to a happy fall and a good year with minimal drama and lots’ of love…..

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