My Manifestations

by Amy Cubbison on September 15th, 2017

Manifestation, goals and Vision

In a years time

I want to be enrolled in graduate school in MAT program and loving it. I will be in a loving, balanced, healthy relationship to a stable man, who is attractive to me, financially secure, and emotionally strong. I want him to be a clean cut, honest good guy who values me for me, and respects my body. I want to be able to travel with him and get excited about life again. To see new places and have new experiences and we both totally enjoy one another and trust one another.

I want my house to have a remodeled kitchen and bathroom in my bed room, a new carpet, new furniture in my family room.
I want to have a good, relationship with my Mother and all siblings. One where they can respect me and my boundaries and vica versa.

I want to lose ten pounds so I feel at my optimal health and weight,
I want to not be scared of life and or death but embrace it and relish in every minute, every day of it.

I want to be in control of my assets and have an exact accounting of what I have, what goes in and control what goes out. I never want to be fearful of my electricity being turned off, or my credit card being rejected. I want peace in my life in areas of health, love and money.
I hope to have followed one of my dreams of being an inventor and have a prototype of my idea and be on my way to get backing for it.

I want all of my children to be in a healthy, good place and doing what they love while making their small contributions to the world and others.

I never want to never had the sad feelings that I have had for a part of my life where I feel that life is to painful to me, and I am too sensitive to be here.

I want to everyday make some love in the world in any small or big way to any persons I encounter.

I want to rely on God and have strong faith to persevere.

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