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Jun 14 16

Uh Oh

by Amy Cubbison

So I am sitting with Kaylee watching our shameless.”Kardashians.” She asked me to not say what I always say about the show.”We can watch it but this is indulgence, it is not reality. They live grandiose.” Kaylee wanted to read some entries from my blog from when she was little……….I pulled up one where she was three and she was so embarrassed at the cute but sort of embarrassing one that I wrote.  I told her to wait until I am gone and read them, and she will appreciate it. She also said to Jac at age 3, “I hate sharing I wish nobody every invented it. “

Jun 7 16


by Amy Cubbison

OMG…………God  blessed me with three litte ocd perfectionist ..the problem is I am a free spirit……..So the two do not mix well. Will has slowed down at correcting me (he is doing so well :))   Now Jac is following in his foot steps. Ugh. I was cooking dinner and Jac was sitting there and telling me all that I was doing wrong. I told him,”My way may be different but it is not wrong.”  I finally kicked him out of the kitchen because he kept on arguing…….Love him but Geeze………..

May 23 16


by Amy Cubbison

Some funny stuff , I guess you would call it what my kids new term is a LifeHack.?? They think it is so funny when I do not understand their new words or terms. Anyways I ran in to my friend Kristy Robinson from La Jolla high. We met in eleventh grade when we both moved there. We bonded over being transplants. She was super organized and studious. I was the social butterfly. Shocker. She would organize my binder for me every day. Anyways she had two kids with her. I asked her children their ages. Then I said to Kristy ” My kids are close to the same age, lets get them together and come over for a barbeque.” After she left Jac showed me a bet he tried to have with Kaylee saying the exact same thing as I said to Kristy. Bet Mom is going to ask kids ages, then tell our ages, and want us to be friends, then invite them to a barbeque…………ha ha. It was really funny and cute.

May 17 16

Kaylee’s Play

by Amy Cubbison

A few months back Kaylee auditioned for Alladin. She was upset she did not get the main role however I was very proud of her for trying out. She handled the disappointment very well.  She told me today they asked her to be the understudy for the Parrot, who has some solos, and she said, “Yes.”  She is very excited and eagerly practicing her lines and songs.  She told me if the person who she is filling in for can’t make it or has not rehearsed than too bad. That is show business, it is not personal……………This is only cute if you know how sweet Kaylee is and she is building some confidence. Plus she watches Dance Moms………….

May 15 16


by Amy Cubbison

Kaylee celebrated her 12th day yesterday. Fifteen little girls came over for the celebration. They swam, jumped on trampoline, had their make up done, and false eyelashes etc…………and ate every junk food possible….of course the house looked like WW3 this morning…………but It was a success and I am glad it is over!!!!  The only problem I ran in to is purchasing her a used camera on Amazon and it was the wrong one. The price was too good to be true and it was too good to be true……………..Raymond is coming up  this afternoon. I cleaned up and I am just going to relax and chill the rest of the day. Yay! I love unplanned days. I am going to make him to me to lunch though!!!! Sundays are especially good lunch days. Will comes home tomorrow after forty plus days. Nervous and Excited!! He is doing really well. I would never wish what I have experienced this last year with Will on anyone……………xoxoxo

May 10 16

Back on track

by Amy Cubbison

What I mean by being back on track Is that I am in full Mommy mode now. I had such a super social weekend starting on Thursday-from Robyn’s Bday celebrations to mother’s day. Yesterday I took a day to just stay in bed most of the day and work on my computer projects It LeaveMeB.com , my memoir and other things. I did not make dinner for Kaylee after dance and she was so upset with me. I just bought her frozen dinners for those rare nights when I am to spent to cook. I made up for it tonight and made her, one of her favorites :Turkey chile…….I read some of my blog to my children from ten years back. They laughed, and did not believe some of the things I wrote. They said I must of embellished them? Possibly. I have been known to embellish a bit. It was really fun though and I am excited to have those entries for them to read later on in life.

May 6 16

Life is a circle and a cycle

by Amy Cubbison

Oh my………..it is life recycling……..When Will was little he told me to be stricter when I did, he was so devastated. He wrote me this cute not that showed me how to do it very gradually . I have it hanging up. I have been somewhat spoiling Kaylee lately……Yesterday I told her No a couple of times, for a while. She was sulking. I told her she was acting very spoiled and I must be doing much to much for her….Today she told me that I need to take it easy on her and only say no very once in a while until she gets use to it. hahah Diaryofahousewife#  Diaryofadivoree#  LeaveMeB# LeavemeB.com/blog#









May 6 16

I am woman hear me pour!

by Amy Cubbison

I have not entered in my blog for almost two years. That is for a few reasons. Mainly my site was down and had to be transferred for a long time. I did not know how to maintain, add or control my website on my own. I finally learned everything that I have been paying others to do. I am alsays so afraid of what I do not know, especially technology. I feel very proud of myselfourd of myself. The past two years have been horrific. My father passed away……….the love of my life and I miss him terribly. We were as close as can be. There never was or will be a man as pure as my Daddy. I feel his spirit in me daily and in my dreams. My eldest son was partaking in some drug use and that was the most trying time. Happy to say he is in recovery and doing really well. I also had a cancer scare. I had a growing lump in my breast.  I had to have another surgery but thankfully it was benign.  This year seems to be better so far. I am writing a memoir along with getting my site back up and running. My kids now are 11, 14 and 17…………yikes!!!

Jun 4 14


by Amy Cubbison
I usually write my gratitude journal private but today I wanted to share……
I have had a step back but that does not discount all of my recent steps forward.
Something always comes good out of something bad, we just need to be patient….
I am so excited about William listening to me ……I am so happy that I have new carpets and I am going to get my house completely organized as well as my head. I am grateful that I have a new day everyday to try my best at being the best Mom and person I can be…..It feels very good when I know I have been that……I am trying to take one day at a time, one good decision at a time, and keep my priorities in line……One thing that I have confirmed with my happily married friends and my single mom friends is we live different lives………and when one is in the married position they tend to judge the single moms…..but please remember you have a life partner and everyone wants a relationship and to connect with someone to be by their side……So that is something that is important………but we just have to keep our children protected and keep it in context…….
Oh and I am grateful for all of my fabulous friends and family…that they love me through my struggles to love myself more and make better decisions……I think I am winning……
Jan 21 14


by Amy Cubbison

As they were sick much of the week so we were going to doctors visits, pharmacies, and cranky in between-shouting out orders for this and that. I took the dog for a walk and Jac had the nerve to call me and tell me his soup got cold. I said you can put it in the microwave. ……….I had some fun on Sunday for a football party and then a friend and I went out to dinner to Cucina Enotecha. It is restaurant week, and they have specials all over. Fixed prices and meals. We shared a delicious chicken dish. It felt good. Now back in the grind. Getting the kids up this morning was NOT fun. It was an especially bad morning as they missed school last week. It was a bad….tuesday morning……I was all smiles when I got them out the door all together and I got to go to the gym and work. I had the best day with my teenage son yesterday. We spent some great quality time together. He is a very interesting person. We walked around town, thrift shops. We tried to go on the gardens for the Self Realization Chapel but they were closed. Anyways we will go back together. He is interested in Buddhism as I am . We had great conversation. ……Well I am having a very good day back at work and it feels good. Tonight is my Dad’s bday and we are all gathering at his home. I am going to get a cake for him. We are going to show him much love. I miss him as with the kids sick I did not want to be around him……..All good