by Amy Cubbison on February 27th, 2006

“I had Lia today and it was really nice to have a break. I told her I did not need her more days and she looked so sad. I felt horrible. I hope she can find some more work-I have been trying to get her some………….We had this dilemna with our babysitter last week when we had the party. She took our kids next door to the neighbors and stayed there with their kids but their older brother was babysitting them. When she left the neighbors paid her and when She came here we paid her-so she got paid twice. I have tried to call her to talk about the misunderstanding but she is not calling me back. This is the second sitter to not return my phonecalls-if I didn’t realize it was not about me I would get a complex………Some good news today is that we finally had our family meeting. It was difficult to get through but we did. I think they get the message-no more five warnings and counting until I am blue. They will know the rules and then have one warning and that is it-punishment. If they are violent or do something dangerous they will have a much larger repercution than if they talk back but there will always be follow through and consequences…………..Last night they got in our bed in the middle of the night again. Just as I suspected they were both afraid of aliens all night (good one Neil). Neil and I ended up going in to their room to be alone together-maybe that is the key we will just go and sleep in their room……Neil told me to watch what I write in my blog because his mom was worried about us. I told him

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