tuesday rainy day

by Amy Cubbison on February 28th, 2006

“The days are long the years are fast (my friend’s quote) and I am believing it more all of the time. I look at William and I can’t believe he is seven years old already. I think about how it has been twenty years since highschool and I can’t believe it-then I think that is fine I am still in my twenties but I do not want another twenty to fly by. It is weird because when you are in the thick of it with your kids the struggles seem endless but then the older you get the faster life goes. Again it is just going back to not being too busy to miss anything or as to get to stressed out and enjoying it all along the way. Like today for example-a rainy day (my favorite to stay home). I didnt’ even go to the gym. I made homemade chicken soup and carmel bread pudding. The house smells like paradise. I kept Jac home from school as well

From my-life

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