by Amy Cubbison on April 30th, 2006

“I am still not feeling that great. I have been feeling dizzy lately. I think and hope it is from one of my medications but I am not certain. Yesterday I was dizzy and nauseus on and off all day. I think I am going to call the doctor and see if I can stop one of the meds-I do not like taking so many pills. I only want the one to help me focus. Feeling dizzy is horrible. Last night in bed I was feeling so yucky I just wanted to go to sleep. I also had two glasses of wine and maybe that does not mix right with the medicine. Whatever reason I want it to STOP. I also feel like I have a bit of a cold. Although I miss church and feel like we need it-I am not feeling well enough to go. I want to have a lazy day. THere is our neighborhood community bratwurst and rootbeer festival. I definitely want to go to that because I want to meet more neighbors as well as the kids meeting more friends. I think I will go to that and then just rest the remains of the day-if everyone lets me that is…………Last night our babysitter never showed up. We were hinting to our inlaws that they may offer to sit but it did not happen. I think they are still jet lagged and not comfortable with the baby yet. Hopefully that will change. Neil and I both have parents that do not babysit very much. We ended up taking our kids to our friends house so that their babysitter could watch our kids. It worked out fine and we ended up having a nice night out. We went to Pacifica and had a nice dinner with great conversation. They are new friends but we both like them a lot………Last night when we got in the car

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