by Amy Cubbison on December 30th, 2006

“We had a nice time last night with my childhood friend Laura and her family. She has had a really challenged life and it is so nice to see her so happy. Her husband adores her. He is a great guy. I was wiped out after legoland so I bough ready made meatloaf. I was too tired to cook from scratch. It tasted good anyway. I love having a nice dinner and sitting by the fire with a nice glass of wine……………I hate LEGOLAND! Infact I am starting to hate most theme parks because all they turn in to is an excuse to go to the giftshop for a memento. I held my ground for the most part yesterday but Jac had money and then gave Wills some money and ofcourse I had to get Kaylee something-sixty dollars later………damn…………..Did they not get enough from Santa??????. Not to mention I always end up carrying Kaylee and pushing Jac. My friends told me my kids control me rather than me controlling my kids. It is a new year for a lot of things. There were so many thousands of people and they are so cranky. A few times I ran out of line to get Kaylee and when I came back they acted like I was butting in front of them….Yes right??……………William just said to me that he hopes Nanny 911 comes back because then he has an excuse to do naughty things and climb all over our furniture. Get it???……………William is going to be a member of Green Peace. He is so upset that Neil is cutting down our tree in the backyard and he is crying and petitioning. Neil does not go for that type of sensitivity. I feel for William because he is such a spirited soul……………………..Kaylee went on the cookie monster potty again. She is so excited! I love to watch her in action-her cute little legs and chubb hynie. She is going to kill me when she is a teenager and she reads this………………….Yesterday she was hanging out with the older kids and not only joining in the potty talk but instigating it. I need to get her to curb that. She holds her own though. It is funny because she is such a little girlie girl and then what comes out of her mouth sometimes….I swear………………..I just made a huge pot of chicken tortilla soup for my friend Dale who just had a baby. They are going to have it on New Years Eve. We are having the Ham’s over for filet mignon and lobster. I am going to rent movies

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