afternoon delight

by Amy Cubbison on March 29th, 2007

“Not the type of afternoon delight that Neil likes just a visit from moi. My friend’s husband told me the other day that people who have a blog are either writers or gay. I said do you mean gay or gay. When I was little we use to call everyone gay that did not conform. We did not mean gay as it stands today. I know back then I was never called gay because I was so boy crazy. I still am sometimes. I like to look and flirt but Neil is use to me after so many years…………….Anyway I got the box of vintage clothes and boy it is like a time warp looking at them. Some of the things or should I say most of the things are SCARY! Let’s just say they will make good costumes. There are a few things that I like but they are too big (size 10). Oh well you gamble you pay……………..I took Kaylee and Jac to the park today. IT was so nice there. I once again was the only non nanny there……………I put Kaylee to bed and I just heard her sneaking around. I screamed

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